Residential HVAC System

Residential HVAC System

Heating and Cooling

  • Gas Furnaces : Furnaces use gas to provide warm, comfortable heat for your home. Our two-stage gas valve offers low-stage heating for milder days while high-stage heating engages during colder temperatures. You will enjoy high-efficiency comfort year-round.
  • Air Handlers : If your system is more than a few years old, you may be using far more energy than you need to stay comfortable. An efficient system will not only lower your energy costs, it will also lower your impact on the environment. The Hyperion air handler has been carefully designed to reduce your household energy use and provide reliable comfort year after year.
  • Coil : As air pass through it, the coil serves as a "heat exchanger" that works in conjunction with your furnace and air conditioner to cool your home.
  • Air Conditioners : Air conditioners are powered by electricity. The two-stage air conditioners offer plenty of potential for annual saving while providing extra-comfortable cooling.
  • Heat Pumps : Heat pumps are designed to deliver reliable, energy-efficient heating and cooling.

A proper heat load calculation is the key to customizing your comfort solution. The Department of Energy advises that it is the contractor's job to perform the correct sizing calculation for the home. Other experts agree that there is absolutely no other way to ensure your family's comfort, health and safety.

Mitsubishi (Ductless System)

Mitsubishi Electric's INVERTER-driven compressor system uses refrigerant lines to connect an outdoor unit to one or more indoor air handlers. When a Mitsubishi Electric A/C or heat pump is installed, a home's total energy efficiency increases as only the amount of cooling or heating capacity needed for the space is used. Advanced technologies control the precise temperature in each room and have the capability to heat or cool only the rooms in use.

Using a remote control for each space, Mitsubishi Electric systems allow a truly personal level of comfort. Environmentally friendly refrigerant (R410A), advanced filtration systems and high efficiency ratings are standard in all Mitsubishi Electric HVAC system.

This synergy of smart design and cutting-edge environmental technology delivers an end result of true eco-comfort for any conditioned space.

With one of our heating and cooling systems in place, you will always have the ideal climate inside your home. Warm and toasty in the winter. Cool and refreshing all summer long.