What To Do Until We Arrive

If you have an appointment with us for HVAC maintenance or consultation, here are a few suggestions on things you can do to help out your technician before he arrives.


  • 1The first thing you can do is check your thermostat. See if the batteries need to be replaced and if you have a digital thermostat, there will probably be some visual indication that the batteries are dead. For future reference, it is a smart idea to change batteries once or twice a year. Make sure your thermostat is set for your intended preferences whether you want heat or cool air and that your HVAC system is turned on. After making your selections, give the system some time to adjust the temperature and see if it either chooses to remain on or suddenly shuts off after starting up.
  • 2Afterwards, make sure that all the vents in your home are uncovered. Since some vents are located on the floor, it's easy to accidentally cover them up with something like clothes or furniture, so if one room in your house or building is especially hot or cold, look for the vents and see if anything is obstructing them. Wipe down your wall vents occasionally as dust can build up on them must faster than on floor vents, and make sure your air filter is clean.
  • 3Finally, check the fuse box. In some cases, the HVAC system doesn't work simply because a circuit breaker was flipped, whether it was due to a short circuit, power surge, thunderstorm, or even just by accident. Reset the breaker, and if the system doesn’t start working or if the breaker is flipped again, you will need to call a professional to determine the root of the problem.