Water Heater

Water Heater

HVAC Experts offers more ways to bring hot water home.

  • High Efficiency for long- term value and energy cost savings
  • High hot water output for large families
  • Special models for special needs

High Efficiency for long- term value

Gas or electric water heater that we offer is the highest possible energy factors and deliver the lowest possible operating costs over the life of the appliance.

High output for big families

During peak demand periods when your family uses the most hot water, our high output gas models supply the maximum hot water. If you have a big family, multiple bathrooms or a large whirlpool tub, chances are you need a high output water heater.

Special models for special needs

For a variety of applications, HVAC Experts offers three different specialty-vent gas designs, direct-vent, power-vent and power direct-vent. Point-of-use electric models meet the need when only a small volume of hot water is required.

Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Condensing technology provides significant energy cost saving. Primary heat exchanger is constructed of HRS35 commercial-grade copper

Stronger than standard copper and more resilient against erosion.

  • Continuous maximum flow rates up to 9.0 GPM
  • Can be used for both residential and light commercial applications
  • Energy star qualified
  • Electronic ignition no pilot light
  • Low NOx emissions

Safety Features

  • Air-fuel ratio (AFR) sensor
  • Exhaust control
  • Safety control
  • Overheat cutoff fuse

Power direct vent design

  • 4" pipe vents up to 50 equivalent feet or 3" pipe vents up to 25 equivalent feet